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what is hypnosis?

For many people, hypnosis is a fascinating topic and a phenomenon that promotes lively discussion. It is frequently seen as being powerful, magical and mysterious. Despite this, there is a degree of confusion as to exactly what it is. Indeed, there is no single agreed upon definition for hypnosis. read more ...


hypnotherapy – how can it help me?

Hypnosis, as we have seen, is a natural and effective tool for accessing the unconscious mind - the source of so many of the issues we end up experiencing in life. For better or worse, it is where our beliefs are stored and where habits and other patterns of behaviour are located. Our unconscious can also become our most powerful ally. read more ...


hypnosis - theory then and now

Altered states of awareness, in one guise or another, can be found historically in virtually every culture. In around 1841, it was however James Braid who first coined the actual words hypnosis and hypnotism. This Scottish surgeon based his ideas on those developed earlier by the likes of Franz Mesmer, who worked with such concepts as "Mesmerism" (or "animal magnetism"). At the time, Braid differed from his predecessors in his theory as to how the procedure worked. However, in the mid-nineteenth century, hypnosis was still largely considered to be a passive or permissive state of mind. read more ...


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Hypnosis is a state of hyperacuity. Most people think about it being a detached, unaware kind of state. It’s not. It is a highly focused state, wherein sensory and motor capacities are altered in order to initiate appropriate behaviour.

Kay F Thompson

DDS (2004, p. 122)