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substance addiction

Treating substance addiction with hypnotherapy and its related disciplines can be an effective approach. Hypnosis is generally used from that time immediately after the person has ceased to take whatever problematic drug has been at the heart of the issue. Treatment can work in a variety of useful ways to first substantially ease the person’s transition back to drug-free living and to then make continued drug-free living less difficult to manage, particularly in the critical short to medium term.

Addictive substances are, of course, not limited to the likes of alcohol, cocaine and heroin. People also frequently become reliant on various authorised, over-the-counter products, such as Nurofen Plus, Solpadeine and paracetamol. In addition, we are now seeing a proliferation of so-called legal highs, which can be just as addictive as more traditional nartcotics, and sometimes even more dangerous. Numerous deaths have already served to bring the attention of these substances to the general public and, in a roundabout way, they have served to almost glamorise them. Worryingly, very little detail is often known about their chemical composition and even less about the health related implications of their long-term use.

Invariably, there is an underlying root cause lodged at the very heart of people’s dependency issues. Both ingrained habits and chronic stress might have come to play a significant role. A large percentage of the drug-taking community will use a substance as a means of escaping their every day activities - if not the grim reality of their lives. Of course, we all may feel a need to avoid or forget certain things every now and then - that is quite normal. However, the use of chemicals on a regular basis to accomplish such escapism can be dangerous - even deadly. read more ...


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