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You are naturally shaped by the many experiences you have been through during your life. In each case, the memories you have, be they good or bad, will have served to affect your outlook on things. Age-regression is a hypnotherapeutic technique that has the function of helping you tap into this vital history and then go on to deal with its effects on your life.

Under hypnosis, you are taken back to certain significant earlier events that you have experienced, in the process revisiting the feelings and perceptions associated with them. The regression experience can be hugely cathartic, but more importantly, it can reveal just how certain incidents have since unconsciously influenced your perceptions of the world, your core beliefs and the ways in which you now habitually respond to particular situations. It can even serve to establish the root cause of many an issue.

It is widely believed that your unconscious mind always retains full and perfect memory. Treatment can certainly allow you to discover what might actually have taken place during these early events, and can offer an opportunity to review, better understand and reframe what may have happened in the light of the wisdom and experience you have gained during the time since they occurred. Age regression facilitates the healing of old emotional wounds, often transforming them into helpful new insights, lessons and strengths. It can result in a new understanding, compassion and forgiveness, for you and for those who were then close to you.

A word of caution should however be sounded here. Full and perfect memories aside; it seems quite possible, under certain circumstances, to inadvertently plant a false memory into a person’s mind. For this reason, a therapist facilitating age-regression needs to be both ethical and without a personal agenda in respect of the work being done. So as to avoid accidently suggesting an inaccurate idea or thought, he should also be practiced in adopting a “clean” approach to the process.

As an extra precaution, it is advisable that you do not make accusations against a possibly innocent person on the basis of memories that may have immerged during such a session. It is certainly not the objective of the treatment to find a reason to blame anyone for the way you are or the things you may have experienced. Even in the very unlikely event that a disturbing memory about someone may have come up, there is more than enough value to be gained in simply working internally with the way your mind has remembered and processed the incident in question.

Working at this personal level will facilitate inner healing and foster self-empowerment. Indeed, despite its legitimate concerns, age-regression, if used skillfully and ethically, remains a useful and powerful tool. The real objective of the treatment is not so much to help you uncover your past, but to help you better understand and manage your present and future.

As has already been pointed out, age regression provides a method of examining the way certain aspects of the past may continue to impact on what you are experiencing right now in the present. It can help establish the root-cause of an issue. It can help you get an understanding or the origin of certain core beliefs. It can facilitate the healing of deep emotional wounds that you may have been living with. It can then empower you to move on with your life and to live it more effectively.


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