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do you have some anger issues?

Why don’t you answer these questions for yourself so as to see if you might have any anger management issues. (Saying ‘yes’ to any one of them could indicate that you may benefit from learning to manage your anger better)


* Are you often tense, irritable of frustrated?

* Do you feel (or fear) being out of control when you get angry?

* Are you constantly gossiping or complaining?

* Do you frequently feel hurt or resentful about the way you’re being treated?

* Do you sometimes hurt others, especially those you care about?

* Do you put other people down, get abusive towards them or end up regretting some of the things you have said?

* Do you sometimes take out your emotions on something other than the person or situation that is really bothering you?

* Have you physically lashed out when you’re angry? (Have you, for example, perhaps hit someone or broken something?)

* Have you lost, or are you in fear of losing, someone or something important to you?

* Has your anger got you into trouble with the law?

* Do you use alcohol or other substances to try to calm your emotions?

* Has anyone ever expressed concern about your anger?


How we feel in ourselves, and the way we respond to circumstances can significantly impact on our performance, our health and our general sense of wellbeing. Please read more about how hypnotherapy can be effective in establishing new, more appropriate ways to deal with life’s situations and events.


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