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can i get stuck in hypnosis?

The short answer to this question is “no”. Hypnosis necessarily involves focused attention, whether directed either inwardly or outwardly. For this reason, it is a bit like asking if you can get stuck in reading a book. You may become distracted for a while, but you certainly cannot, in any way, get "stuck" in concentration. During hypnosis, you remain in control throughout. You are able to take yourself down into trance and, equally, you are able to end a session whenever you so choose.

Because you remain in control, you may, of course, sometimes choose to ignore a particular suggestion that has been given under hypnosis. It therefore makes sense that you will have the option to ignore a direction, near the end of a hypnosis session, to bring yourself out of trance. The reason for this will not be because you are stuck in hypnosis. It may, however, be because you feel very comfortable in the trance-state and so choose to stay there for a while longer or it may be because you are still internally working on an issue, completing an exercise or gaining much-needed closure on a given situation or problem.


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