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Frequently, medical conditions are either triggered or exacerbated by psychological factors, particularly by the effects of stress, anxiety and depression. In such cases, Clinical Hypnotherapy and its related disciplines generally have a well-proven track record. They are relatively inexpensive, safe, drug-free procedures that can assist sufferers by affording them the ability to relieve or even overcome many of their issues themselves.

These therapeutic disciplines can provide you with the opportunity to gain a degree of control over your internal experiences. Whether you are faced with pain, distress or both, such treatments can effectively empower you and can serve to minimise any negative feelings you may be experiencing. read more ...


medical warning

Should there be a medical element to the issue you bring to the practice, I shall ask that you first also consult your GP or specialist. It is important that an accurate diagnosis is made up-front (or at least an amateur one confirmed). A thorough health check will hopefully also serve to rule out the existence of a more sinister underlying condition. read more ..,


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