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Frequently, medical conditions are either triggered or exacerbated by psychological factors, particularly by the effects of stress, anxiety and depression. In such cases, Clinical Hypnotherapy and its related disciplines generally have a well-proven track record. They are relatively inexpensive, safe, drug-free procedures that can assist sufferers by affording them the ability to relieve or even overcome many of their issues themselves.

These therapeutic disciplines can provide you with the opportunity to gain a degree of control over your internal experiences. Whether you are faced with pain, distress or both, such treatments can effectively empower you and can serve to minimise any negative feelings you may be experiencing. Even if the issue you face is one that is entirely physical in nature (a physical injury, for example), hypnotherapy can be used to focus your mental resources to help relieve your distress, manage your discomfort and to enhance the natural healing process. In this way it will support your eventual recovery.

Medical conditions that may benefit from Clinical Hypnosis are fairly numerous and may include such ailments as asthma, insomnia, eczema and irritable bowl syndrome. Hypnotic interventions can also help to manage pain, the negative effects of chemotherapy and cope with the physical and stressful aspects of dentistry.

Apart from anything else, traditional medicine has, for a long time, recognised the placebo effect. So, even if hypnosis were merely just a placebo, it would still be a most worthwhile adjunct to more traditional medicine. Most of us have an intuitive understanding of the way our mind affects our body and the way our body, in its turn, affects our mental experience. Hypnotherapy, more than most other intervention, utilises this vital mind-body relationship in its approach to medical disorders.

When it comes to treating both medical and emotional conditions, there is now a considerable body of evidence attesting to the power of expectation. Medical literature documents numerous so called “miracle cures” that have come out of a patient’s simple refusal to give up. For this reason, it makes sense to encourage or, at very least, to permit such possible healings. If, as studies suggest, your expectations, attitude and belief system play a significant role in your condition, hypnotherapy and its related disciplines have some helpful applications.


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