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am i depressed?

Depression can present itself in many ways - and the symptoms can be complex and vary widely between people. All too often, symptoms are mistaken for ones of a purely physical issue and are therefore missed.

Here is a checklist. If you are experiencing five or more of the symptoms listed below, there is a good chance that you are depressed.


emotional symptoms

  • Feeling down and sad for much of the time every day
  • Feeling helpless, hopeless and numb
  • Lacking self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Feeling tearful quite often
  • Feeling more irritable or impatient than usual
  • Being worried or anxious
  • Not enjoying the things you previously enjoyed
  • Finding it difficult to socialise or to reach out to people
  • Lacking motivation


physical symptoms

  • Feeling tired and experiencing a lack of energy
  • Seeing changes in the amount you eat (and so losing or gaining significant amounts of weight)
  • Drinking or smoking more than before or using drugs
  • Disturbed sleep (finding it difficult to get to sleep or regularly waking up too early)
  • Unexplained physical aches and pains
  • A loss of interest in sex


other symptoms

  • Having trouble concentrating and remembering things
  • Finding it hard to make decisions
  • Having problems at work
  • Neglecting your hobbies and the things that would normally interest you
  • Avoiding social events and feeling isolated
  • Feeling guilty and blaming yourself for things
  • Thinking that the future looks bleak
  • Feeling that things are rather pointless
  • Thoughts of self-harming or suicide


Hypnotherapy, and its related disciplines, can be an effective treatment. The work we will do together will enable you to develop more appropriate ways of seeing the situations you face, as well as more appropriate ways of responding to them. Because depression is largely created by your particular style of thinking, you will find that you really do have the ability to make the changes necessary to take back control of your life – and to do so safely and without the use of drugs.

Read about the cycle of depression, about prescription drugs and about the related conditions of grieving and anxiety. You can also find information about the causes of depression and about various types of depression here.

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