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do i hand over control to the therapist?

A person’s fear of losing control can be his or her single biggest obstacle to hypnotherapy. Concerns tend largely to be based on a misconception about the nature of hypnosis, with some people buying into the myth that a therapist is able to use hypnosis to take control of his or her mind. This is far from the truth. There is actually little difference between a state of hypnosis and the sort of trance-like state you might experience when you become fully engrossed in a novel, watch a movie or get caught up in a piece of music you love. The same people who fear hypnosis will, of course, see little to worry about in any of these everyday activities.

A trance-state is a completely natural phenomenon and, indeed, we all tend to go in and out of trance many times a day. For example, you will probably have found that you have often not remembered details of a journey you may have made, particularly if you had been deep in thought or deep in conversation while traveling. Without being aware of the process involved, you will have automatically narrowed your conscious attention, focusing it more on your thoughts than on the route you were taking.

Similarly, hypnosis is about narrowing your conscious attention and focusing your thoughts. Should you have been driving a car during your journey, the mundane task of steering will simply have been left to your unconscious mind, the part of your brain where the things you have learned are stored. It is a safe phenomenon that many motorists will quickly identify with. Should a child unexpectedly run in front of the vehicle, you would instantly bring your awareness back to the present moment so as to do what you need to do to avoid an accident - irrespective of where your focus had been just a moment before.

Indeed, you will be able to bring yourself out of a hypnotic state just whenever you choose. Similarly, you are able to decide whether or not to accept the suggestions offered to you while in the state of trance. Hypnotherapy is a powerful vehicle for transformation, but it can only really work if there is full cooperation. It is a therapy that is based on a partnership between a client and a therapist, and a client’s resistance to change is usually enough to scuttle the process.


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