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it's all in the mind

Your attitude to life, your thinking style and the nature and focus of your thoughts combined to play an important role in your emotional health. Indeed, distorted thoughts tend to lie at the very heart of many mental health issues, including such potentially serious ones as depression, addictions and eating disorders. They also equally affect your motivation, performance and self-confidence. It is gratifying to know that we are able to become aware of the way our minds process things and make many of the changes necessary to improve the effectiveness and quality of our lives.


styles of thinking

Your thinking can take the form of an inner dialogue that provides you with a running commentary on yourself, your life and your relationship to the world. For instance, should your core beliefs have it that you are not really good enough, or that things just never seem to go your own way, your thinking, and even your perception of the world, will reflect your particular take on things. This will, in turn, almost certainly serve to trigger some unhelpful emotions. Usually, we do not stop long enough to consider the real reasons that we feel, or even react, the way we do, simply allowing ourselves instead to be at the mercy of these unconscious forces. read more ...


adopt a health attitude

Your attitude towards yourself, your life and the world in which you live can play a vital role in your emotional wellbeing. It would seem that people who hold certain rational philosophies tend to be happier, more stable and more creative than others. They also seem to better cope with adversity and are less likely to experience emotional issues such as depression, fear and anxiety. These attitudes might cause you to take more responsibility for yourself, but they should also have you lighten up, be more successful and perhaps even become more pleasant to be around. read more ...


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We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.