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can anyone be hypnotised?

My instinctive response to this question is “yes”, although it has to be said that some people tend not to go quite as deeply into trance as others might do – at least not at first. There seems to be a variety of factors influencing a person’s hypnotisability. Research suggests that the strongest of these is likely to be a client’s motivation and his or her relationship to the therapist. Others might include a fear of losing control, an inability to distinguish ambiguous inner sensations such as relaxation or tension, a fear of anticipated change and various other negative situational factors.

On a practical level, I seldom feel a need to make an issue out of just how deeply a client goes into trance. In my experience, people will allow themselves to sink increasingly deep as they feel increasingly safe. It is as if you can teach yourself to be hypnotised. Besides, much of what I do in the practice will work equally well in a lighter state of trance as in a deeper one.


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