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am i depressed?

Depression can present itself in many ways - and the symptoms can be complex and vary widely between people. All too often, symptoms are mistaken for ones of a purely physical issue and are therefore missed. read more ...


the depression cycle

The word depression is sometimes used to describe a mild feeling of sadness or low spirits. At other times, it indicates a much more serious emotional state that really should not be ignored. Of course, almost everyone will feel down from time to time, but should feelings of emptiness and despair take a hold of your life, you may be depressed in the real clinical or medical sense of the word. If this is the case, the condition could leave you feeling helpless, hopeless and numb. read more ...


so what causes depression?

Depression can sometimes just happen to a person - without any apparent reason. However, there are a number of factors that can contribute to this state. So if you have been feeling more than a little down, it would make sense to consider what things may be playing a part. This could be the first step towards taking back control of your life. read more ...


types of depression

There are various types of depression, each with their own unique symptoms, causes and effects. Understanding your depression can help you to get the most effective treatment and better manage your life. read more ...


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