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Most of us will have experienced being afraid in a certain situation, and then will have changed what we might have done so as to make us feel safer. You may for instance have avoided walking at night through a shady area with a high crime rate or chosen not to stand too close to the edge of a precipice. Fear is an important survival mechanism and a very natural response to a potentially dangerous situation.

Healthy fear only turns into a phobia when the perceived danger is either unrealistic or exaggerated. This fear can be triggered by certain charged everyday situations (such as using lifts) or by certain charged things (such as buttons or common harmless spiders). read more ...


social anxiety

Social anxiety or a social phobia involves an intense fear of certain social interactions. If you are prone to the condition, you may find it to be especially prevalent in those situations that are unfamiliar to you, or on occasions when you feel watched or judged. Some people find it triggered in them particularly at times when they are concerned that they will not measure up in comparison to other people.

Merely having a shy disposition or being nervous in certain social situations does not however indicate that there is anything wrong with you. read more ...



Agoraphobia is more than just a fear of open or public places. It is a fear of being in situations in which it may be difficult to escape or to get help should things happen to go wrong. Symptoms of agoraphobia are similar to those of a panic attack, and there is some evidence that there is a causal relationship between the two.

A person with agoraphobia may fear such everyday activities as leaving home, visiting crowded public places or travelling on public transport. He or she will either avoid them, or endure high levels of distress and anxiety when faced with them. read more ...


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Lucy: Do you think you have Pantophobia, Charlie Brown?

Charlie: I don't know, what is pantophobia?

Lucy: The fear of Everything.

Charlie: THAT'S IT!!!


Charles M. Schulz