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Low self-confidence can have a huge impact on a person. It can stop you from believing in yourself and so prevent you from attempting certain new things that you might potentially be good at and even enjoy. This alone can change the course of your life. But low self-confidence will also impact on the quality of your relationships and, in a very real way, on your quality of living and your enjoyment of things.

A difficult event such as the loss of a partner or friend, through death or by separation, is enough to take away your confidence for a time, leaving you feeling unexpectedly vulnerable. But it is usual for other factors to contribute. For example, it is common for past experiences of failure to do so. If, as a child, you ended up feeling that you were unable to meet the expectations placed on you, or if things have since somehow gone wrong in later life, it is only natural that your self-confidence may have suffered a dent.

It is interesting to note that people who regularly experience low levels of confidence often display certain common traits. For example, they frequently set themselves unrealistic personal goals, are a little too perfectionistic in their approach to things or become overly concerned by what they image other people are thinking about them. They may also find that they dwell a little too long on unhappy experiences or are even prone to over-dramatising the outcome of situations, making things out to be worse than they really are.

In every day life, low self-confidence can cause you to be more defensive and more inclined to make excuses for yourself, particularly when you are feeling criticised. It can cause you to explain your actions when it is unnecessary to do so. It can even make you inclined to attribute your success (or perhaps lack of success) to luck rather than to your own ability, so taking away much of your natural person power.

Hypnotherapy, and its related disciplines, can be effective in helping. The work we will do together will enable you to start to recognise the things that you are actually good at and have already achieved. It will encourage you to build on your skills, challenge any negative beliefs you might hold about yourself and the world in general and help you to break some of those negative thought and behaviour patterns that have, in the past, proved to be so unhelpful.

Because confidence, or a lack of confidence, is largely created in your mind, you will find that you really do have the ability to make the changes necessary to enable you to see yourself in a new light, become more effective and enjoy life a whole lot more. Please feel free to contact me or make an appointment to see me.


Please also look at the pages on self-esteem and self and other referencing.


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