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Good feedback is crucial so that I can hone our sessions together and tailor future ones to you and your individual needs.  At the end of each session I will therefore ask you about what you experienced and how you felt.  I will again ask for feedback when we next meet so as to find out how our previous session affected you and your situation in the intervening time.



Depending on the situation, I may well give you homework to do between our sessions.  This could take the form of self-hypnosis (if you’ve been taught to do it), listening to a recording of a session or perhaps performing some other activity such as completing a goal worksheet. Please take homework seriously. It will prove to be beneficial and may even reduce the number of sessions we will need together.



I will frequently record a session while we are doing it together. I also sometimes record a separate session when you are not with me. In either case, these recordings are made for you to listen to as a part of your homework. It is beneficial to do this regularly (as suggested by me at the time). There is great value in repetition with hypnosis – both in terms of practicing the actual process of hypnotic relaxation and also in reinforcing the specific suggestions made during the particular session.

A hypnotic recording should NOT be listened to while driving a car, working with machinery or doing any other activity that requires your full attention. Instead, you should find a quite place to listen to it, where you are unlikely to be disturbed. It is also best to listen to it while sitting comfortably in a chair.

Recordings are usually e-mailed to clients. Please let me know if you have any technical problems with this, Should you do, I am able to burn them to CD instead and put them in the post to you.

Any recording sent to you is copyrighted and for your exclusive use.


empowering you

It is my goal for you to become more empowered by our time together rather than reliant on me in any way.  I do not wish to have unnecessary appointments with you, so I shall strive to help you resolve your issues in as few sessions as in comfortably possible.



Although the tools I use in the practice can be very effective, I am of course not able to guarantee their success for you. It is you who will remain in control throughout the therapeutic process and you who will make the changes yourself.  My role will be that of facilitator and guide.



Please note that I am not able to counsel over the telephone.  If anything important crops up between appointments and you feel you can’t wait for our arranged one, please rather try to bring your appointment forward.


meeting in a public place

It is often easier to just pretend not to recognise each other outside the therapy room. Understandably, you might not want to have to explain me away to whomever you may be with at the time. For reasons of confidentiality, I would also not wish to feel the need to tell a third person how I know you.


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