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Please arrive not more than a minute or two before your appointed time.  I may still be with a previous client until then and an interruption could be disruptive. Also, I do need time to write up notes between appointments.

Please be punctual.  We may still need to end at the given time even if you have arrived late.

Please come alone - unless of course we are doing relationship counseling and it’s been arranged that both you and your partner are to come together.  Unfortunately, I do not have a waiting room for guests.

Please keep your appointment.  If you need to cancel or rearrange it, I ask that you do so at least 48 hours before hand.  Failing to do this will mean that you will still be charged.


medical concerns

Please bring with you details of your GP and also any medication you are using.

If you are wishing to discuss an issue that could possibly have medical implications, please first visit your GP so as to get a professional diagnosis and so eliminate any physical causes that I may not be able to treat.  (If you have not already managed to do this by the time of your first appointment, I may require that you do so before the second.)


other concerns

It is important that you to have an understanding of the work we will be doing together and also that you are comfortable doing it. To aid this, please look at any relevant articles from the dropdown menu above and particularly consult the frequently asked questions section.



It would be helpful if, before your first visit, you draw up and bring with you a timeline of your life.  It does not matter too much what format you choose to do this, but it should include the important events that have taken place. It should particularly list those occurrences that may have had a significant impact on you either emotionally or in terms of altering the course of your life.  Such a timeline will assist me in getting to know you a bit quicker and help me to get a better understanding of the issues we will be treating.


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