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first appointment

Our first appointment together will largely be a simple fact-finding one. The chances are that, unless we are dealing with a critical issue, we will not manage to get to any actual hypnosis, or other remedial work. Before we begin our more formal therapeutic work together, it is of course essential that I first get to know you, and also get to understand the issue or issues you wish to bring to me.  Taking this time to establish a good understanding and build a trusting therapist/client relationship can in itself be of value. Indeed, many clients have found it most beneficial to start off by sharing their personal story in an environment that is non-judgmental and supportive.


the therapist/client relationship

For the work we do together to be effective, it is necessary that we gain each other's trust. For my part, I adhere to a strict policy of confidentiality, and I shall endeavour to be truthful, accepting and non-judgmental. It is my aim to create a safe, friendly, professional environment - one in which you can feel comfortable, even when discussing the most sensitive of issues.


duration of sessions

Appointments tend to last for at least 50 minutes (although they may sometimes end up going on for 90 minutes or more). During these sessions, I prefer to focus on accomplishing the work that has been planned, than on watching the clock. I also like to allow for a degree of flexibility, so as to be able to deal with those things that may come up unexpectedly. There are, of course, some restraints to this way of working, particularly if I am expecting the arrival of my next client. Also, it might of course be helpful for you to let me know quite early in an appointment should you have a need to leave by a particular time. Doing this will help me to work around your own time constraints.



Whether we are using NLP techniques or hypnotic trance to achieve an outcome, you will always remain completely in control of the process.  Although you might well go into a state of hypnosis, you will find it a bit like driving a car while I sit in the passenger seat gently guiding and directing you.  You will always have the choice to either follow my suggestions or disregard them.  My aim is to empower you rather than to take away any of your control.


depth of trance

Everyone is able to go into trance, although some people naturally go both deeper and quicker than others. I tend not to make too much of a big deal of the depth of a client’s trance. For the purposes of the work we are likely to do together, a light or medium state of trance will usually be as effective as a deeper one. There are however certain techniques that can be employed to help a client deepen a state of hypnosis in those rare situations were it is becomes helpful to help a person go down further. Interestingly, clients tend to find that their hypnotic experience naturally deepens with practice over the period of time we work together.



Just occasionally I do not accept a person as a client.  This is sometimes because the person concerned wishes to see me for the wrong reasons. Other times it is because I feel I am not able to deal either ethically or effectively with the person concerned or with the issue presented. 


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