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is it stressful or just exciting?

It is interesting that the self-same physical sensations you associate with stress, may also accompany more enjoyable states of excitement. For instance, they may be brought on by the anticipation of a first romantic date or the thrill of a funfair ride. Indeed, you may even be among those that actively seek out excitement for the sake of an adrenalin rush.

Still, it is those feelings of fear, panic or anxiety that are most likely to cause your heart to pound, your breathing to become quicker and shallower and a knot to develop in your chest or stomach – all signs that your inherent fight-or-fight mechanism has been triggered. Although this is a natural response, it is one that is not always proportional to the situation that might have set it off it.

For example, the way you tense up at the thought of having to give a speech could turn out to be not too different from the way you tense up when faced with a truly life-threatening situation. Although your mind will, of course, understand the difference in danger levels, your body may respond to both situations in a very similar way.

Also, it may not just be the severity of a particular stress response that is inappropriate, but that some situations even produce a stress response at all. You may find that it is concerns such as money issues, health issues or difficult relationships that are making you feel uncomfortably stressed. These are not usually situations that will be improved by a pounding heart or a mind that is hijacked by worry.

As terrible as things may seem for you at this moment, these few observations suggest that your feelings of stress or anxiety might have less to do with the actual situation you are facing and more to do with the way you (and your body) respond to the idea of that situation.

Understanding this important distinction will go some way to explain why hypnotherapy, and its related disciplines, can be an effective tool in taming your fears and anxieties. Please feel free to contact me or make an appointment to see me.


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