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This section is here because it needs to be here - legally. But please don't let that stop you reading it – it's important that you understand the ethics behind my practice. For instance, confidentiality is probably important to you, so this will reassure you anything we discuss will be between just us, and nobody else.

Also, you may like to read the section outlining my Code of Practice. it will inform you as to how the practice operates and what records are kept. In addition to my own personal Code of Practice, I also adhere to those of The Hypnotherapy Association, The General Hypnotherapy Register and The National Council for Hypnotherapy. Please look at the links if you are interested to find out more.



Of course, confidentiality is a crucial part of the client/therapist relationship. As a member of various professional bodies; I am obliged to comply with their various directives on the subject. For instance, the National Council for Hypnotherapy lays out the following guidlines in Clause 2 of its Code of Ethics: ?

Confidentiality is to be maintained in all but the most exceptional circumstances. These can only include

  • legal action (criminal or civil court cases where a court order is made demanding disclosure - includes coroner's courts),
  • legal requirement, eg Children's acts,
  • where there is good cause to believe that not to disclose would cause danger of serious harm to the Client, the Therapist and/or others.


data protection act

I naturally adhere to the requirements of the Data Protection Act. Data Protection Act 1998


duration of sessions

Appointments tend to last for at least 50 minutes although they may frequently go on for up to 90 minutes or even more. Many therapists pride themselves on having a disciplined approach to the duration of their appointments, but I prefer to focus on doing the planned work rather than watching the clock. I of course do have certain restraints on this, particularly if I am expecting my next client at a particular time. Please remember that it is helpful for you to let me know quite early in an appointment if you need to leave by a particular time. This will allow me to work around your needs.



For your own safety and for the effectiveness of the treatment, it is important that you disclose any medical and/or psychological conditions that you may have. You are asked to bring with you, on your first visit, any medication that you might be taking. You will also be be asked to complete a questionnaire. Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that the details you supply are correct.



Any hypnotic recording either created during a session with me or at a time when you are not present, are for your own personal use only. Under no circumstances should such a recording be listened to while driving a vehicle, working with machinery or doing any other activity that may require your full attention. Please note that they are copyright Christopher Norris Hypnotherapy.


acceptance of clients

I retain the right to either accept or reject any person as a client.  I might very occasionally reject someone should I determine that the person concerned wished to see me for what I saw as the wrong reasons. I would also not agree to treat a person if I felt unable to deal both ethically or effectively with the person concerned or with the issue being presented.



Although I use effective tried-and-tested methodologies and techniques in the practice, I am unable to guarantee their ultimate success. The client remains in control throughout the therapeutic process and it is he or she that make the necessary changes.  My primary role is that of facilitator and guide.


calling between sessions

Please note that I am not able to counsel over the telephone. If anything important crops up between appointments and you feel you can’t wait for our arranged one, please rather send me an e-mail or try to bring your appointment forward.



Please arrive not more than a minute or two before your appointed time as I still may be with a previous client until then. Please also be punctual. Your session will end at the allotted time, even if you have arrived late.



I will not tolerate abusive behaviour from any client.



If you wish to set up future sessions that are to be paid for individually on the day, I may ask you for a fully refundable deposit of £100. This would serve as an incentive to keep your appointment (or at least to reschedule it not less than 48 hours ahead of time). Not only is valuable time wasted in the preparation for a no-show session, but also another person may be deprived of being able to make use of the time slot in question.


cancelation fees

In the event that you are not able to attend an appointment, I will attempt to reschedule it - provided that notice is received no less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled time. If notice is received in less than 48 hours or if you simply fail to attend an appointment, please note that the full session fee will be charged.


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