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Do you take up each new promising diet you hear about, only to find that at first, you quickly shed at least some of your excess weight, but then slowly end up regaining much of what you lost? If you do, you are certainly not alone. This yo-yo pattern of weight gain and loss is the experience of literally millions of people. Fortunately, hypnotherapy can provide you with an effective alternative. Treatment will involve a number of therapeutic sessions that are specifically designed to help you modify those unhelpful habits that, over time, have resulted in your unwanted weight gain. read more ...


a virtual (or hypnotic) gastric band

In recent years, the hypnotic gastric band treatment has become something of a trendy weight-loss method. Marketed under various guises, it is intended to result in you having your body believe that a gastric band has actually been put in place within you, even though this is, of course, not the case. The intervention is sometimes promoted as a quick-fix, magic bullet to weight loss. read more ...


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